Temujin Treasures: A Review of the Slot Game

Wild Streak Gaming, a Pragmatic Play partner, has already created a number of slots with an Asian theme; in Temujin Treasures, they focus on the Mongolian steppe. Temujin was the original name of Genghis Khan, one of the most successful conquerors in history, which could come as a surprise to some people unless the history of the Khans is a particular area of interest. Although Genghis was known for his brutality, the Genghis Khan we meet in Temujin Treasures is far more jovial. Fortune wheels, firecrackers, wild transformations, free spins, and jackpots await those who earn his favor.

Temujin’s route to dominance over an area extending from the Chinese Pacific coast to the Adriatic Sea was paved with perseverance, power, and an iron resolve. Few historical figures, before or after Genghis Khan, were able to exert so widespread control over so much land. If you play your cards right in Temujin Treasures, the happy Khan just might give you part of his wealth.

Players may unlock the treasure by placing bets in an unusual range, from 38 p/c to £/€190 each spin. Temujin Treasures is a dangerous adventure across ancient Mongolia, and it received a perfect score from Pragmatic Play. Potential (including jackpots) isn’t awful, and neither is the return to player percentage (RTP), which is pretty high at 96.55%.

Temujin Treasures is a slot machine with a 5×4 grid and a semi-unusual configuration in that it does away with fixed paylines in favor of 1,024 chances to win. The symbols are less of a surprise, beginning with calligraphy-style 10-A tiles and progressing through money, vases, flowers, elephants, and Temujin to complete the set of five premiums. Without the added value of later-introduced multipliers, the value of a given combination is relatively low. For example, the payoff for 5 premium symbol lines ranges from 0.26% to 2.6% of the wager. The company, thankfully, has added a ton of extras to the game to make it more interesting.

Temujin Slots: Including All the Extras

Temujin Treasures has four characteristics, both large and little, that go off at different times. Most of these include a Fortune Wheel, while firecracker symbols and the Wild Switch Feature’s ability to alter symbols also play a role.

The Wild Switch feature triggers when there are six of the identical symbols on the center three reels. The new wild symbols are used in place of the old ones to determine payouts. Wild symbols can substitute for other symbols to complete wins, but they can only appear on reels two, three, and four.

As the game’s dispersion, the ornate reddy gold dragon emblem unlocks the door to further wealth. When you get three of them, a wheel appears and rotates to reveal a prize. This may come in the form of a free spin bonus or a reduced multiplier on your stake. It might be the “Grand” jackpot, “Major” jackpot, “Minor” jackpot, or “Mini” jackpot, each of which is worth 28, 88, 288, or 8,888 times the wager, respectively. All the ‘8s’ surrounding make it clear that you’re in Asia. In the event of a jackpot or bet multiplier win, the wheel will spin once more to distribute additional rewards. The sixth level only features free spins once the fifth wheel has been spun.

The new firecracker symbol on the wheel can award the player anything from 6 to 50 extra spins. When a firework goes off, it grants one of the following:

1–5 re-triggerable free games.

Values in money, ranging from 100 times the bet line to 5,000 times the bet.

The entire amount won on the spin is multiplied by 1, 2, 3, or 5 thanks to a wild multiplier. The multiplier is applied to all wins, including those from other multipliers and jackpots earned in the same play.

Win the Big, the Small, or the Mini Jackpot!

Finally, by clicking the bonus purchase button and then spending 100 times the total stake, players may gain access to the bonus game.

Slot Machine Results from Temujin Treasures

For fans of Asian-themed spectacles, Temujin Treasures provides all they could want. It’s flashy and garish, with all sorts of dragons, lions, and money. It doesn’t rely too much on clichés, but it makes an effort, so you know exactly what type of slot machine you’re playing. Also endearing are the occasional chuckle-inducing flourishes, such as the fortune cookie notes that accompany triumphs (‘You are on the correct road’ or ‘Oh my, that win is really large’).

There are no visual shocks in Temujin Treasures, other from the fact that the setting has moved from China to Mongolia. The game’s design by Wild Streak follows traditional Asian aesthetics, with lots of bright reds, greens, and golds. Combine it with a classic Eastern-inspired music, and you’ve got a game that will appeal to those who love this aesthetic as much as it will turn off those who are sickened by it.

The fact that Temujin Treasures provides a substantial 9,000 times your stake is a definite plus. If this happens, the game stops instantly, and you lose any remaining features. However, owing to the low value symbols, it will be difficult to win large without the features. To really win big, you need to strike the Grand jackpot.

Temujin Treasures, like the other games in this category, has a narrow focus and won’t appeal to a wide range of players. The mid-level jackpots and secondary action will appeal to the inner circle just as much as any other Asian slot machine. The cherry on top is that this is one of the few images of Genghis Khan smiling.






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